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Outsourced Accounting

We are excited to announce our new division concentrating on outsourced accounting solutions. Our focus is to bring the following accounting services to municipalities:
We have selected the finest team to contribute to our client’s success. Our model is such that each individual is vested in being a team contributor. We thrive on continuous improvement.
Our management analyzes and identifies internal strengths and weaknesses of the municipality in order to leverage the team to form a suitable and responsible plan. We have proven policies and systems in place to increase efficiency. Each town is given a smart goal project tracking based on specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely team collaboration. Since continuous feedback is critical to our success we have established a quarterly and year end meeting to ensure your municipality needs are being met.
Our focus is to bring the following accounting services to municipalities:

  1. Cost-effective and efficient
  2. Leverage and professionalism
  3. Consistent DOR representation
  4. Total staffing solutions
  5. Improve quality to achieve optimum results
  6. Accurate record keeping
  7. Timely report filing and compliance
  8. Year end closing success

Our all inclusive accounting plans include:

  1. Warrant input
  2. Journal entries
  3. Reconciliation of cash and receivables
  4. Departmental reporting
  5. Meeting representation
  6. Financial consulting
  7. Year end closing entries
  8. Free cash certification
  9. Tax recap
  10. Schedule A preparation
  11. Audit representation and guidance


Our program is concentrated on solving the problems and inconveniences involved in hiring, training, and managing an Accounting Clerk. Not only is this process time consuming but it can be costly to smaller communities.
All the duties presently being performed by your clerk will be performed by the Virtual Clerk. We will review, process, and execute the payroll and accounts payable warrant inclusive of check printing and mailing. We will continue to fulfill the duties of processing urgent warrants as needed upon request.
This plan is designated to produce the maximum level of benefits to the it would complete the total accounting solution.

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