Municipal Finance


Municipal Financial Consulting

We offer training for Treasurers, Tax Collectors, Finance Director’s and Town Accountants. Eric offers a unique blend of public accounting experience with “in the trenches” experience as he has over 10 years working for municipalities in financial management positions. In addition, the firm has served as the Interim Town Accountant, CFO, Interim Treasurer/Collector, Interim Treasurer and consulted in Treasury operations for many Massachusetts municipalities. By having experience in the positions and combining that with experience as an outside auditor and a consultant, Eric brings unique value to every municipal engagement. Eric is dependable and all projects large or small are treated with priority. Just what you need to get your municipality on the right track.

Town Accountant Services

We offer interim Town Accountant services to Towns that have vacated positions. We also help in your recruiting efforts to fill the position.  We also assist with closing the books, preparing and submitting for free cash certification, completing the Schedule A and preparing for municipal audits.

Treasurer/Collector Services

We offer interim Treasurer/Collector services for cities and towns in a period of transition.  We also assist municipalities in reconciliation of their cash and receivable accounts.  We have a unique training program that is designed to bring the skills of a Treasurer/Collector to a proficient level.  This is especially helpful for those new to the position.

Finance Director Services

We offer permanent and temporary services by seasoned professionals for cities and towns in need of a Finance Director.  We have extensive experience preparing municipal budgets, attending Town meetings, and with many special projects.

Fraud Risk Assessments

We have been successful in implementing fraud risk policies and procedures to a number of municipalities. This is a result of a fraud risk assessment which is designed to help address fraud risks and make suggestions to mitigate the risks.  This is addresses a common management letter comment.

Temporary Staffing

If you find a vacancy in one of your positions that requires a temporary solution, we can help. Our staff members will assist your organization and help you create a seamless transition.

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