Municipal Finance

Municipal Finance Management and Auditing Services

If you are a municipality, school district, water district, or other governmental entity we offer two beneficial services. The first service involves assisting your municipality in preparing for its annual audit. This can be a time consuming and cumbersome process. We are able to streamline this process to make your audit more efficient.
If you are in need of an audit, we offer an audit team with both experience working as auditors of municipalities combined with experience of working in municipalities in various management positions. We feel this unique combination offers value to your municipal audit.

Fraud risk seminars available for municipalities

It is advantageous for management to address fraud risk with its department heads and staff. We have a program developed to address and manage these risks. We have completed a seminar for one Town and are in the process of working on a full scale plan in another. This is an exciting and necessary area and allows Town management to be proactive in addressing potential risks. The program is easy to understand and implement.

Municipal Consulting and Interim Services

Eric offers a unique blend of public accounting experience with "in the trenches" experience as he has over 10 years working for municipalities in financial management positions. In addition, the firm has served as the Interim Town Accountant, CFO, Interim Treasurer/Collector, Interim Treasurer and consulted in Treasury operations for many Massachusetts municipalities. By having experience in the positions and combining that with experience as an outside auditor and a consultant, Eric brings unique value to every municipal engagement. Eric is dependable and all projects large or small are treated with priority. Just what you need to get your municipality on the right track.

Keep it Simple at Year End

As cities, towns, school districts, and water districts prepare for another year end-following the basics will go a long way in ensuring a smooth year end. The cash and receivables should be balanced to the general ledger, a budget versus actual expenditure report should be complete, any deficit balances should be identified. In addition, revenue and expenditure reports should be given to all departments and checked by them to identify any discrepancies.

Fraud Risk Assesments

We have been successful in implementing fraud risk policies and procedures to a number of municipalities. This is a result of a fraud risk assessment which is designed to help address fraud risks and make suggestions to lessen the risks.

Temporary Staffing

If you find a vacancy in one of your positions that requires a temporary solution, we can help. Our staff members will assist your organization and help you create a seamless transition.

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